What is Hemp?

Hemp has been an important agricultural crop for thousands of years.  Hemp was grown in the U.S. from the 1600's through the early 1900's, primarily for it's fiber and nutritional seeds. 

Hemp paper was used in drafts of the U.S. constitution.  

In 1937 Hemp was outlawed along with Marijuana under the Marijuana Tax Act. 

In 2014 The Farm Bill allowed states to begin growing Hemp again under pilot programs with universities to study hemp and how to grow it. 

In 2017 hemp cultivation began again in North Carolina for the first time in 80 years.  The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized Hemp federally as an agricultural crop.  

                                               Where does CBD come from?

Cannabidiol or (CBD) is extracted from specific varieties of cannabis (HEMP).  It is the second most abundant compound in cannabis.  CBD compound can be found in both psychoactive cannabis (Marijuana) and Non-psychoactive (Hemp).  Legal CBD products on the market are extracted from Hemp.  The 2014 Farm Bill paved the way for the cultivation, processing and marketing of Hemp.

                                                                                       Hemp can be used for..

  • Wellness products containing CBD:  Oils (tinctures), capsules, salves and lotions to name a few items

  • Food products: hemp protein powder, hemp seed oil and hemp seeds

  • Animals: Feed and bedding products

  • Beauty and skin care products: Body lotions, bath bombs, facial serems, etc

  • Building materials: hempcrete, home insulation

  • Textiles: Clothing, canvas and rope

  • Paper: Cardboard and packaging products

  • Bio-composites: auto parts, food packaging and utensils, etc

  • Energy: Super capacitor batteries

  • Bio-diesel: fuel and fuel burning pellets


These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The products are not intended to diagnose. treat, cure or prevent any disease.






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